If you don't like us after the first week we'll give you a full refund!

We've realized that it's the experience you have that keeps you consistent in your fitness and nutrition efforts (the key to results).

So we listened to you and then created a unique fitness experience focused on what clients have been asking of the fitness industry for years.

We've taken every detail of your expereince into account. From head to toe, and floor to ceiling. Give us one week and we guaranty you'll absolutely love it.

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Personal Fitness Training & Nutrition in a upscale private facility.

Classy, beautiful, dare we say ...sexy!

First of all, this is one of the nicest place you're ever gonna work out in. We've been training people since 2003 and that is one big reason they love our private personal training gym. The vibe, the atmosphere...you must experience it.

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Ahhh, yes, normal-ness!

You won't find any steriod monsters, or supplement addicts here. No creepy people staring at you, or snobby superfit chicks dieting down for the next bikini competition

Our personal trainers are fit, but not show-offs. They are humble and very welcoming. They are always excited to see you and eager to get you started.

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No more fighting for equipment

There is a fully equipped spot reserved just for you and one of our fantastic trainers. As a result, your workout will be planned, fluid, and way more efficient. Let's go, let's get to work!

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Spacious, Open

Say goodbye to stuffy crowded gyms and say hello to breathing room. There are never any crowds because we designed it that way. There is lots of inspiration, motivation, knowledge, and suprisingly good personal fitness training.

The personal trainers are expecting you

Your trainer is expecting you, and excited to see you. Don't disappoint them by not showing up.

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I reached all my goals and more!
- Sherry

Knowledgeable personal trainers

Every trainer has the exercise, nutrition, and mindset knowledge needed to get you to your goals. We are the only place where every trainer is going to give you the same advice and operates on the same principles. That's because we all work as a team and work very hard to be consistent.

You can rest assured we will apply every skill to get you to your goals safely, and injury free.

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You are your most important investment

What do you want to look like and feel like when you are older? Already "older?" No problem. We'll make you younger.

It is scientifically proven that diet and exercise literally make your cells younger.

It's time to to take care of you. You deserve to feel good and look good. You are certainly worth it.

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