If you don't like us after the first week we'll give you a full refund!

About Us

We are a small tribe of highly skilled and conscientious personal fitness trainers.  We are passionate about the well-being of every person who walks through our door.  We believe in the power to change and that "can't" is a four letter word.  We are experts in physiology, nutrition, mental discipline, weight training and physical conditioning.  But above all, we are regular people giving normal sound advice.  You won't find any ex-bodybuilders, fad-diet fanatics, or supplement marketers here.  We are personal trainers who can relate to you.  We practice what we preach and never, ever, ever give up on you.

We would like to be your friend, but you might not like us while we are pushing you :-). But that's ok, you will reach your goals and thank us later.

We're here for you, however you need us.  And we're ready when you are.

Our Personal Trainer's Mission

Because we believe in humankind, we believe in the unlimited potential of every human being who walks through our doors. Our mission, therefore, is to believe in you (even when you don't). We will never, ever give up on you.

Our personal training history

MAXVO2 (max-vee-oh-too), which stands for Maximum Volume of Oxygen and is a measurement indicating the capacity of your heart and lungs, was founded in 2001. The founding trainers believed that what the world needed was a direct and honest approach , not a new fad or fancy machine. Since that time they (along with their team of trainers) have given hundreds of people freedom from fitness & nutrition fads. In fact, MAXVO2 has a 100% success rate with the clients who followed the plan created for them. There are hundreds more in the process at this time. MAXVO2 has helped people achieve everything from massive weight loss to passing the Navy Seals physical tests to getting off medication.

Our Personal Trainer's Credentials

Each trainer and/or instructor holds a fitness related degree and/or has been certified by an accredited national agency. They are also CPR and First Aid certified. So what! Who cares! So is every other certified personal trainer. Unfortunately there is no regulation on the fitness industry and the titles they can give themselves. We worry more about how our clients look than our titles. So just call us fitness and nutrition coaches, or simply "trainers" if you will, please. What makes us different? Well, without giving away too much information to the competition, lets just say this: MAXVO2 trainers are trained beyond their certification or their college degree. Before a certified trainer can become a MAXVO2 trainer they have to go through MAXVO2's training program and reach the MAXVO2's standards. Maxvo2 trainers techniques are effective, safe, consistent, and endure the test of time. A MAXVO2 trainer's career is a never ending journey of knowledge and growth all focused on the realization of your goals.