If you don't like us after the first week we'll give you a full refund!

Don't like the typical gym atmosphere?

You'll love us!

  • Clean, calm, and fresh
  • No sweaty gym smells
  • No hoolagans or weirdos
  • No show-offs, body builders, ogglers, or grunters
  • Never fight for equipment
  • Totally inspiring
  • Great Music
  • and much more...

The Atmosphere:

Clean, inspiring, results-oriented

Our private fitness studio has a clean and calming feeling like an ocean breeze. Since it's private it is never crowded. Everyone in the studio is working with a private personal trainer or consulting with a nutrition coach. In other words, with the exception of a few die hard clients getting in extra cardio, everyone in the studio has an appointment. There will never be any "yahoos" showing up to hog equipment and oggle girls in this fitness studio. There will never be any young women strutting around the studio looking for a date. The people here are here to get it done. They are serious about improving their health.

Feel safe and confident

MAXVOs is an appointment only, non-membership facility. This results in an environment where you feel safe, confident, and motivated. You are never left completely on your own to try and figure out what to do. You can be confident that all you have to do is show up and the personal trainers will take excellent care of you.

Trainers that pay close personal attention to you

Our trainers are with you for every rep of every exercise. Pushing you, guiding you, motivating you, and getting you results. They never leave you to check themselves out in the mirror or talk to their buddy across the gym.

They are always eager to get to know you and hear about your progress (even if they aren't working with you). Often you can see several trainers standing around a client listening to them telling about their recent amazing doctor visit, how excited they are to fit into their high school jeans again, or how many home runs they hit in their last game.

You save time

Because you are not waiting in line at the gym, and your trainer is keeping a close eye on tempo and rest periods you get done in 30 minutes what takes most people an hour or more to do at the gym.

Great music

A great workout starts with great music. We have two digital surround sound studios here where we get to pick every single song that plays and when it plays. That means we can take requests. Often playing the stuff you want to hear when you want to hear it. Old or new, our studio-gym has almost all of it. No piped in elevator techno music or overplayed top 40's here. What kind of music do you want to listen to?

You never wait for equipment

Unlike the gyms, where each piece of equipment can do only one exercice, our equipment can do all exercises. The equipment in our studio is designed for personal trainers to accomodate every exercise possible with a client at a single station. So every trainer here has every known exercise available for you at all times. No waiting. This saves on stress and time. Less stress equals better health, and more time equals more life!

Work on the most effective equipment

The studio's equipment is designed by fitness pro's for fitness pro's. You won't be working out on any do-it-yourself lazy-person equipment here. It was designed to enable our staff to fully utilize their skills all so you can reach your goals. You will work with free weights, cables, and a variety of other tools like stability balls and more. These are all proven to give the most benefit.

You accomplish more

With MAXVO2's equipment and training techniques you will strengthen more muscles, burn more calories, and start creating the kind of functional stability athletes have (no matter what your age). You get the most out of every minute here, and you won't have to stand in line in a smelly crowded gym to do it.