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Personal Training Details

With all of the hype, claims, and conflicting information out there it is hard to know where to begin.  The truth?  There is no such thing as the best exercise program.  There is only the right exercise program for you.  And that's where good certified personal trainer comes in.

Your trainer will get to know you first then create a program just right for you. A good trainer will coach you, push you, and encourage you through every rep of every exercise. MAXVO2 certified trainers personally go to battle with all of your excuses, justifications, and rationalizations. They will protect you from the gimmicks and educate you on the reality of getting in shape. They know you can do it.  MAXVO2 certfied personal trainers really believe in you. But best of all, they will never, ever, give up on you.

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Who our personal trainers work with?

MAXVO2 personal fitness trainers take male and female clients ranging from kids to senior citizens with goals ranging from weight loss to athletics. Any level. Any goal. Children under 12 are considered on an individual basis.

Who should hire a personal Trainer?

Only those people who really want to reach their health and fitness goals.  All ages, all levels.  It is especially good for those people that don't want to waist time making mistakes with trial and error.  Check with your doctor before starting any exercise or nutrition program.

Why personal training?

Qualified certified personal trainers have the highest national success rate for getting people in shape. It is a proven fact that you will achieve more when professional guidance and accountability are on your side. That is why professional athletes, celebrities, movie studios, and anyone who can't afford to fail hire personal fitness trainers like us.

Joining a gym doesn't get you in shape. Knowing what to do, how to do it, when to do it, how hard to do it, how much to do it... then actuallydoing it is what gets you in shape. That's the difference between hiring a good certified trainer and just joining a gym. Trial and error of gimmicks and pre-made programs is not only time consuming but very expensive. MAXVO2 personal trainers know how many reps, sets, what weight, how often, how hard, and what tempo you should move at, how long you should rest, and when you should and should not work out. Plus, all those things vary depending on age, gender, goals, limitations, etc. See personal training justifications to learn more.

How do you pick a personal trainer?

We have several trainers to choose from.  They all follow MAXVO2's principles and philosphies.  The only difference is age, gender, and personality.  After you have purchased your sessions you will be allowed to schedule your sessions with any certified trainer you like.  Profiles are available to view before you schedule.  You do not have to train with the same personal trainer everytime you come so schedule based on availabity first, then on personality or other things.  Many of our clients just train with whichever trainer is available and some have developed personal preferences after getting to know all the different trainers.

How much does a certified personal fitness trainer cost?

If you can afford a nice meal out you can afford a MAXVO2 trainer. The price for your training will depend entirely on your goals, how much training is determined you need to do with the trainer vs. on your own, and commitment level. Of course there are discounts if you pre-pay your total services in full and/or commit to longer periods of time.  Your costs may be less or more depending on your particular needs.  You can view pricing below, however, scheduling a free consultation and discussing your goals with a trainer is a good option for evaluating your individual needs.

What results can a personal trainer get me?

  • Weight loss (fat loss)
  • Strength gains
  • More endurance
  • Energy boost
  • Sustained daily energy
  • better wake/sleep cycles
  • feel much much better
  • reduce or eliminate many common problems like diabetes, cholesterol, blood pressure, depression, heartburn, ADHD, hyperactivity, etc...
  • Great skin, bones, and teach
  • plus much more...

how can I get a personal fitness trainer?

We highly reccomend to scheduling a consultation. We can answer all your questions and get you set up just right for you. It's free.

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