Personal Fitness Training
In a fully-equipped private facility

Established in 2001

Smart, Personal, Effective.

I'ts all about you getting the personal attention you deserve. We will get to know you first, and then create a smart and effective exercise program that is right for you. Then we guide you, one-on-one, through every rep of that program.

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Weight Loss Results

31 pounds (3.5 months)

Toni H.

client results form personal training

You're held accountable

Experience the life-changing effect when someone requires you to be the amazing person you know you can be.

['max - vee - oh - too']

A measurement of how much oxygen your muscles can consume per liter of blood per minute.
(very cool to us fitness geeks)




You'll never have to fight for equipment here because it's reserved for you. It's like having the gym to yourself!

Very High Success Rate

When you hire a personal training and nutrition coaching team like Maxvo2 that implements a complete program, your chances for success skyrocket to 81%—16 times higher than the most popular diet programs.

Actually, We have never had a person fail that completely followed our directons.

Health and Fitness Goals

What are your goals?

Get Toned

Get Strong

Lose Weight

Look Better

Feel Better


Breath Better

Improve Balance

Reduce Meds

Cure Diabetes

Be Happy

Fix Back Pain

Let's do this!

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