['max - vee - oh - too']

A measurement of how much oxygen your muscles can consume per liter of blood per minute.
(very cool to us fitness geeks)

Our Story

Matt and Jenny founded Maxvo2 Personal Training in 2001. They believed that what the world needed was a direct and honest approach , not a new diet fad or fancy fitness machine. Since that time they (along with their team of trainers) have given hundreds of people freedom from fitness & nutrition fads. In fact, MAXVO2 has a 100% success rate with the clients who followed the plan created for them. There are hundreds more in the process at this time. MAXVO2 has helped people achieve everything from massive weight loss to passing the Navy Seals physical tests to getting off medication.

They have successfully opened 2 beautiful locations, trained thousands of clients, and over 70 trainers.

There's a lot more to this story, but we've gotta get this website up. You should just come in for a consultation. It's freee, and we promise you won't be disappointed.

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