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“In a tailor-made service, you fit the cloth according to the size and taste of the customer; not just the taste and strength of the designer.” - Dateme Tamuno

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A reef girl butt? Comin' right up!.

Beefy pecs? Consider it done!

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Your workout plans are created from scratch and hand written after discussing your goals, listening to your requests, putting you through a light workout, and compiling several fitness assesments like body fat percentage, weight, blood pressure, health history, circumferences, etc...

Your workouts are tailor made for you.

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Professional Programming Variables

Our trainers use professional level programming variable. You won't find that from your local gym trainer.

We don't deal with just set and reps, but tempo, intensity, volume, load, grip, equipment, plateau protection, recovery, rest, frequency, planes of motion, opposing muscles, micro cycles, meso cycle, macro cycles, and more.

We know what intensity level you should be at, what volume you should do, which exercises you need, how to target a body part, what tempo, how often, and even if you should be exercising at all! Seriously!

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We keep it fresh, and interesting

We are always writing new workouts for you. In fact, just when you think you've got the hang of it, we might already be changing it. And it's not just to be mean (though we are a little), your body needs it.

We track several aspects of your workouts so that when we write new ones, we can make sure to change them and keep them fresh and interesting.

If you don't change your workouts frequently enough, you're progress will slow down.

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